Al Poskanzer The Right Candidate For The College



As a former student and supporter of the Gila Community College, I have watched the current election with interest. The college has had a lot of roadblockswhile trying to get a new life after a very divisive time in recent years. It is such an important asset to northern Gila County and voters must take a hard look at the candidates.

I have been reading all the information I can find about the two candidates and hope every voter has done the same.

I hope a new face will be on the board after November -- Dr. Al Poskanzer. In addition to his outstanding qualifications to be on the board, he will bring a evenhanded approach to the job -- not creating more divisiveness.

It appears that the other candidate has no experience in the education field. So, he looks to his colleague to tell him how things should be done. This would seem to defeat the purpose of discussing and considering more than one viewpoint -- not a good thing for any governing board.

One other comment about committee appointments -- Mr. Crowley names the committee heads he has appointed to assist the board. The list sounds exactly like the list of members of the Political Action Committee he worked with in the last election. What a surprise. The only name missing at the moment is Horton and he is already on the school board. I guess Mr. Crowley does have a dog in this race.

The college can use some forward thinking improvements. With the right management, it can give local young people a great start toward the college years and at a minimal cost to the parents. Partnering with the high school and creating an interest in the college among those students is a great idea and will pay big dividends to both the students and college. Classes tailored to the needs of local businesses and classes for industries already in the area are part of Dr. Poskanzer's vision.

I hope the voters in the college district will take time to really look at these two candidates. Do you want a stockbroker or a guy in charge who has been both a business executive and a university administrator?

Dr. Poskanzer is right for this position.

Ruby Finney, Winchester, Ore.

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