Amazed At The Generosity To The Payson Supply Line



The Payson Supply Line has some very special friends and supporters and wants to take a moment to thank them for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Just prior to Payson's first Demolition Derby event at the Gila County Fair this year, some of our neighbors informed us that they were going to have a car in the Derby and they wanted to donate some advertising space on the car to the Payson Supply Line. That, in itself, was very exciting to us and was much appreciated. The car looked great and our driver did a great job.

Most of all we all had a great time at the Derby.

But the generosity of these wonderful people did not end there. A few days later, our neighbors planned a get-together with us and presented the Payson Supply Line with over $1,700 in donations. What a blessing this was.

Thank you, Eddie and Joyce Randleman, Garry and Karen Johnson, Bob and Ellie Castillo, Ralph and Peggy Collins, Ron Tipps, Marty Garbacz, Steve Mecha, John and Debbie Stanton, Dennis Kingery, DeDe Rogers of DSTP Racing, and anyone else involved who we may have missed mentioning. You are an amazing group of people. We thank you, but most of all our military personnel stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan thank you for your support. Your generous donation will send many boxes of supplies their way.

The Payson Supply Line began Jan. 1, 2005 and, to date, more than 240 boxes of supplies have been sent to our troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. This could not have been possible without all of the generous support from our community. The people of the Rim Country are truly amazing.

To have a supply box sent to one of your friends or loved ones, contact the Payson Supply Line at, or call (928) 474-6968 or (928) 474-6981.

Butch Klein & Lud Kaftan, Payson Supply Line

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