Students React To Recent Schedule Change


Word spread fast through the halls of Payson High School. There's been yet another schedule change.

But this one doesn't deal with classes or passing periods or split lunches. The school board has decided to change our two week fall and spring breaks to just one week.


Jason Pettifield/Roundup

As with all changes, there was disapproval at first, and still is. But many students aren't nearly as opposed to the new calendar as expected.

"I think it's better because we forget everything over the two weeks, and now we'll get a longer summer," said PHS freshman Dakota Marshall.

Some students would prefer a compromise between the two schedules -- maybe one week for fall break and two weeks in the spring.

PHS junior Isaac Cluff explains the reasoning behind this idea, "In fall, the year has just started. We're not tired yet. But by second semester, we're all worn out and need the two weeks to recoup for the end of the year."

But for some, the idea of losing the two-week breaks is unbearable.

While discussing the decision in one of my classes, I overheard one girl saying, "This is terrible. I'm already stressed enough, and now they're taking away our nice long breaks." I can definitely understand her point of view.

After nine long weeks of homework, projects, extracurricular activities and everything else that comes along with high school, nothing seems more appealing than two weeks of relaxation.

For this reason, many are feeling the pressure to speak up for their lost two weeks.

One of my teachers even has the numbers of school board members written on the white board, encouraging students and parents to call and fight for the current schedule.

But, just like all the changes Payson High School has already undergone, it's something to which we'll have to adapt.

It's like what Vice Principal Tim Fruth said, "When we first got the two week breaks, everyone was opposed. Now, they want to fight for it. They love it."

As for the odds of the schedule changing after feedback from students and the community, "It's unlikely," said a PHS administrator.

"With this school board, once they make a decision, they usually stick with it."

So, it looks like it's just one more updated, new and improved schedule that we'll have to get used to, which is nothing unusual for PHS students.

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