We've Found The Water, Now Let's Use It



In response to the comments made by Wes Suhr in the Friday edition of the Payson Roundup regarding spending $300,000 of taxpayers money to benefit "the community," I have a few additional questions that need to be answered and an observation of my own to express.

First of all, if the money to be spent "is part of the present budget of P/SWID" why is it not a better idea to spend it to acquire and improve the existing water system and existing wells instead of investing it in a potential well site up in Strawberry and then selling that well site to Mr. Hardcastle so he can raise our rates [again] and sell the water that we find (if we find any) to us at a guaranteed profit?

Would someone please explain the "logic" in this?

Granted, it is a good deal -- a very good deal, in fact -- for Mr. Hardcastle, but I cannot believe that it is a good deal for us, and I will not support this idea.

I ask all the property owners up here to see this for what it really is -- another attempt to keep Mr. Hardcastle in business, at our expense. If Wes Suhr has his way then we take the risk, and Mr. Hardcastle makes the profit.

To expand on this -- as I understand the theory of doing business -- the business owner is the one who takes all the risk and makes an investment with the motive being to make a profit on that investment, and, if he is successful, he does make a profit.

I have no problem with this theory. I do have a problem with using my money to finance the business owned by Mr. Hardcastle, unless I also get to share the profit.

For the record, I understand that drilling for water anywhere on the Rim means taking a risk, and for that reason Mr. Pugel, Mr. Peterson and Mr. Randall have earned my respect and admiration because they took the risk, without using my money, or yours.

But what is really important to you and I here, is that their taking a risk means that we can have water, lots of water, if we buy the water system and take advantage of their willingness to sell us water from their wells at a fair price.

Water has been found, now let's spend our money to use it, for us.

Jim Estess, Pine

Editor's note: This letter was cut to fit within the 400-word limit for letters to the editor.

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