Baghdad 2006 Looks Like Saigon 1973



If there is anyone who believes that George W. Bush has remained true and is not an equivocating "flipflopper" then please stop reading these letters to them.

True, senators and world leaders believed that Saddam had WMDs; Saddam held power as long as everyone believed that he was dangerous.

It helps if you don't understand that the real reason for our invading Iraq was for oil and military bases. The Saudi family wanted our troops out of their territory because they are scared of their own religious fundamentalist citizens and they thought that Iraq was already too secular and were "going to Muslin hell" anyway so they lobbied the neo-Cons to move our troops to Iraq.

Our intelligence agencies, by their own admission, accept the fact that their analysis of Iraq's state of readiness was based on poor and faulty information. To continue to lose our previous soldiers based on one man's stubbornness is not an intelligent policy. Does continuing the losing process and calling all the troops to the Green Zone constitute "remaining true?" If so, you need to think of what they used to call it ..." circling the wagons"; Baghdad today is beginning to look like Saigon in 1973.

I am aware of our soldiers' sacrifices. I recognize far too many names on the granite wall in Washington, D.C. to not acknowledge the cost of human life and I mourn the loss of every American soldier who gives his or her life in the line of duty.

Are there really people that do not understand how reckless tax cuts and poor governmental stewardship affect the pocketbook of average citizens?

The fact the president gave permission to the pharmaceutical lobby to shear our elderly in schedule "D" program of Medicare is political payoff that victimizes our seniors. People without money cannot be consumers.

Our military has been diminished by this Bush administration. In the old military, we would not have had native civilians carrying suicide bombs in a mess hall; civilians would not have been hired and given complete run of our military bases. Independent contractors do not provide security to our soldiers, or our nation.

If you think that we are winning the war, then ask yourself why the Marines had to freeze their soldiers in place and do not allow them to retire. I guess that this is the Republican idea of rebuilding our military.

Mark Reza, Payson

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