Lasting Love


Gar and Eleanor Baybrook walk hand-in-hand most mornings along Main Street near their home. The Payson couple has been married 67 years. Both 89, they are concerned about the number of failed marriages they see.

"I know a young lady who told me she was getting married," Gar said. "She told me, ‘We'll try it for two years and see how it goes.' Well, they've already made up their minds it's not going to last. They really don't understand what commitment means.

"Don't just jump in bed and think you're married," he explained. "Make up your mind what you want together before you're even engaged."

"We don't always agree," Eleanor said. "We disagree about a lot of things, but we never let that interfere with our married life."

Another secret, spending time together. "Like what we're doing now," Gar said, with an affectionate glance at his bride. "We agreed from the start to do everything together."

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