Move Toward Love



Due to the seriousness of the Israel/Lebanese situation, I may be way out of place in approaching this subject, "The Mideast Crisis and Arab/Israel Uprising" but truth is truth and should have no deviation from it.

Isaac and Ishmael, supposedly born to Abraham by Sarah and Hagar, a bigamous wife, respectively, could never get along with each other. Sarah sent Hagar into the wilderness with Hagar's son, Ishmael. Hagar had been Sarah's maidservant. Sarah and Hagar couldn't get along with each other and Jews and Arabs, basically, haven't been able to get along with each other to this present day.

Abraham began his "journeys" in Ur, in what is now Iraq, on the Euphrates River. He then traveled Haran in the north, still in what is now Iraq -- then to Shechem and Bethal, not far from what is now Lebanon, then to Egypt for a sojourn due to famine in the land he left, and then came back to Hebron and then to Damascus. Quite a traveler. Whether this is true or not, it is the Bible history of Abraham's life.

Sarah and Hagar couldn't get along with each other. Isaac and Ishmael couldn't get along with each other, and Israel and the Arab lands cannot get along with each other.

Then, in 1948, England and the United States, with their persuasive political powers, combined in effort and were instrumental in giving Israel about 55 percent of Palestine for the establishment of a new nation homeland for Israel. After which, some wars followed with much bloodshed. This "gift" -- without any compensation to the Palestinians -- has been the fly in the ointment ever since. The Hezbollahs are the active turmoil and warfare against Israel and are part of the whole Arab cooperative battle against Israel, as payments for the 1948 act of injustice.

Where will this all end? Probably never. What is needed is ... "LOVE." A peculiar word, but one that is lacking in this world -- not only in the Israel/Arab lands, but in most of the nations of this world. All of us, if we search deeply into the heart, could stand a movement in the direction of "love."

Bill Kollenborn, Star Valley

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