Name Names



I find it rather disturbing that the membership roster of the Mayor's citizen water task force has not been made public like all of the rest.

According to Mr. Lyn Godfrey, (chairman and the only name printed) the membership names are being kept anonymous because they don't wish to receive any calls at home and want to do their own thing. What does doing their own thing mean? What about all the other task force people who are up front with their names publicly posted? Give us a break, this stinks to high heaven. What is the new water task force afraid of and who are they?

Maybe some are developers or maybe some members are not even citizens of the town of Payson. We all have the right to know who is on the most important appointed town investigation and recommendation task force. I recall accusations by some in the last election about secrecy being commonplace at town hall. How is this administration's sanctioned secrecy policy any different? This appears very unethical to me.

Donald Evans, Payson

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