Payson Has A Safe Airport



The Payson Pilots Association, Local Chapter 810 of the Experimental Aircraft Association, and the Airport Task Force, appreciate the Roundup and reporter Felicia Megdal allowing us to clarify and correct some issues as presented in an article last Friday.

Payson Airport is part of the local, regional and national air transportation system. Most of the United States is divided into areas that include the closest approved airport that is in the system. All accidents and fatalities in that area are then assimilated to that airport.

If you go to the NTSB Web site, and place "Payson" in the airport name you will get a list of accidents and fatalities. If you go to the current synopsis you will see that only one fatality and four accidents happened at Payson Airport. All the rest were in the surrounding area and had nothing to do with Payson Airport.

Also, FAA standards are the blueprint to follow if you are building a new airport or reconstructing a part of an existing airport. There are not any requirements to comply with new standards when they are implemented.

Along with other misinformation given to the reporter by the airport manager, this was a misrepresentation of the facts.

Payson is a safe airport.

Ned Hines, president, Payson Pilots Association; James Garner, president, Chapter 810, Experimental Aircraft Association; Richard Mumma, chairperson, Payson Airport Task Force

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