Rim Residents Are Blessed



I am writing to let you know that you are blessed to have such a fine town, and especially the friendly, honest people who inhabit your area.

I was on vacation in your area July 26. I stayed in Camp Verde and then headed for Payson, and was going on to New Mexico.

About a half-mile out of Strawberry, my car broke down.

A young man from Payson stopped and, in the rain, checked to see if he could help me. After much checking, he was unable to help, but we finally reached a towing company.

After arranging a tow, he left, but offered to stop by later and help me if the tow didn't show up. I got the car started, and came into Payson, where it broke down again. I called the towing company (Carl's) and he came immediately, took me to a place, where, even though they couldn't help me (busy), they called four other places until they found Fletcher's Tire & Auto Service. Carl took me over there, made sure that Fletcher's would help me that day. What he charged me ($60) was, I thought, most reasonable, considering the time spent. (Most towers in my area would make one stop, drop and leave, and charge $1,200.)

The people at Fletcher's were ever-so-nice, worked hard to find my problem (ignition module), and fix it in just a couple of hours, and I was on my way. Their total charge was $194, which is hundreds less than I would have paid at home!

All-in-all, it was a very pleasant experience, with very honest people in your town. Again, sorry I couldn't remember names, but had to pass on this information to let somebody know, as I'm sure you already do, the quality people you have in your area.

I guess I've lived in Las Vegas too long, because I had forgotten that there are nice people and nice places left in this world. Hopefully, next time through your area, I won't break down, but if I do, I know I'll get a fair deal, and maybe I can spend more time enjoying your town.

I have been back and forth across Arizona literally hundreds of times, but this was my first time to Payson. It won't be the last!

Robert J. Shott, Las Vegas, Nev.

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