Standifird Stands For What Is Good



Every now and then I just have to speak up about what is true and right.

There is a reason why the voters in Payson need to find the "right justice" of the peace. The JP is a judge who decides such things as whether you're held accountable for a traffic ticket or even domestic violence. You should care who gets this job. It's important.

Having someone in there who is an attorney and has prior pro-tem judicial experience makes sense. (He was former Judge Ronnie McDaniel's pro tem judge and was asked by McDaniel to finish out his contract).

Standifird not only holds a law degree, but also a master's and a bachelor's degree in areas of psychology.

Neither of the other candidates can say that. And wouldn't you agree having an understanding about how people think would help you be a fair and honorable judge? I do.

There are many noteworthy and positive things to say about Barry. He has had experience in both justice and superior courts. He's interned with the Office of Export Enforcement (which keeps terrorists and rogue nations from bringing out of the U.S. potential weapon making capabilities). Neither of the other candidates have that on their resumés.

Finally, Standifird has done many important things for Payson, from offering free legal help to those less fortunate to taking in foster kids and encouraging Boy Scouts to be honorable.

Come on folks, think about it. Doesn't it make sense to elect someone with the legal background and experience to do the job? Doesn't it make sense to check out Standifird's credentials yourself at his Web site: Doesn't it make sense to pay attention to who really understands the law and people? The JP position has influence and power. You need someone in there who knows how to handle the responsibility. Select a candidate who will serve and protect the people and not himself. That's Barry Standifird.

Nancy Harrison, Flagstaff (former Payson resident)

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