The Mind Of A Bush Supporter



Let's try and understand the mind of a George Bush supporter. I know it's a daunting task, but I'll try. And, please, no jokes about a "Bush supporter's mind" being an oxymoron!

On a serious note -- I believe the majority of Bush supporters followed their man because they were sure he was going to both save the stem cells and stop abortions.

The fact that Bush is directly responsible, with his selective war of choice in Iraq, for the killing of tens of thousands of innocent, living, breathing, walking, talking, completely developed human beings does not seem to register in the mind of a Bush supporter. These Iraqi fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters cease to exist because of George Bush. But Bush hears the cries of the stem cells! And Bush supporters still defend their indefensible leader.

But remember, these same Bush supporters would nonchalantly take away a woman's right to have control of her own body, but fight you to the death to keep the right to possess a gun. Are you confused? No worries! You, too, can completely understand the mind of a Bush supporter. Just look in the dictionary under "hypocrite."

Jim Kane, Pine

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