Vote Dan Hill For Justice Of The Peace



On Sept. 12, we have an opportunity to elect our justice of the peace. Allow me to tell you why I am voting for Dan Hill.

Recently we elected several new persons to the Payson Town Council. In part, we voted to change the ways things were being done. We voted for new blood, new perspectives and new outcomes. Now we have a golden opportunity to apply those same goals to the office of justice of the peace. "If you keep doing what you just did, you will keep getting what you just got!"

One candidate states that experience and education count. While not disagreeing, voters should ask a few questions. What experience? What forms of education? What were the results?

Two of the candidates are infused with the status quo and all of the habits and conventions that the current legal system supports. That legal system is not working to the optimum. In short, it is in need of a lot of fixing.

Are those who appear in court multiple times being dissuaded from becoming repeat offenders? Are the rights of victims being defended as vigorously as are the rights of the accused? Does the current system use creative penalties within the limits of the legal system? Do the penalties and acts of the current justice of the peace seem sensible to you? Could judicial outcomes better serve the law-abiding citizens?

One, and only one, candidate has a wonderful reputation as a civic leader and local businessman who earnestly wants to serve the interests of the average citizen. He has stated that the current judicial system needs creativity and alternative outcomes. He is the only candidate that truly is new blood, has new perspectives and pledges to make changes. I urge you to vote for Dan Hill.

John Lemon, Payson

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