Labor Day Celebration Rousing Success



The Labor Day Bash held on Sept. 2 at the Tonto Village Chapel and put on by the Auxiliary to the Tonto Village Fire Department was a rousing success. Joan Norem and Maurine Kirchhoefer wish to express their gratitude and thanks to all the villagers who contributed to the bake sale. It turned out to be the biggest and best the auxiliary ever had and everything was sold out. The barbecue pork dinner also sold out with the help of Gary Martin, Lori Mulvey and Jeff LeMoines.

The auction on the specialty pies was great fun. Jeff LeMoines was a great auctioneer.


Tonto Village Fire Chief Jim Alliger was a good sport to be the target for the "Sweeten the Chief" contest for the kids.

The parade was small but enthusiastic and the winners again this year were Joe Vargovich and his son, Mark. Their theme was "Christmas in September." Mikayla Mendoza with her doggie Cinnamon were the winners in the "Kids ‘n' Kritters" portion of the parade. The winner of the beautiful quilt was Charnell Lundell of Chandler. The weed whacker was won by Jim Nosak of Phoenix and the chain saw was won by Kathy Ezell of Tonto Village III.

One of the highlights of the day was the "Sweeten the Chief" contest. The kids had the most fun throwing whipped cream at our fire chief, Jim Alliger. Pastor Charles Wilcox joined in the fun when he volunteered to go in the dunk tank. The kids again had great fun dunking the pastor.

The auxiliary wishes to thank everyone for their help throughout the day and helping to make the day such a huge success.

Wrong name


Joe and Mark Vargovich of Tonto Village II were the winners for the second year in a row in the ATV parade this past Saturday in Tonto Village with their "Santa Claus in September" theme.

Last week I mentioned that one of our neighbors spotted a mountain lion on her walk through the forest with her dogs. Her correct name is Carol Boyce of Tonto Village II. Sorry about the wrong name, Carol. Everyone is still urged to be careful when hiking in the forest.


The Auxiliary to the Tonto Village Fire District will hold its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 12, at the Tonto Village Chapel beginning at 3 p.m. An accounting of the Labor Day Bash and a critique of all the events will be discussed.

The Tonto Village Fire Board will meet on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at the fire station. The meeting will get under way at 6 p.m. Everyone is urged to attend.

Birthdays, anniversaries

Pat and Dick Watson of Tonto Village I will celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary Sept. 9. What a milestone for them. We all wish them a very happy anniversary.

Charles Terry will celebrate his 79th birthday Sept. 10. Charlie is still a busy man with his welding. He works every day. Happy birthday, Charlie.

Jessica Slapnicka, daughter of Randy and Brenda Slapnicka of the Tonto Creek Road will add another candle to her birthday cake Sept. 13.

Happy birthday to everyone.

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