Mayor's Task Forces Should Follow Open Meeting Law



This letter is written in regards to the mayor's task forces.

The mayor has selected a chairman for each task force, and possibly some of the members, without the approval of the town council in an open meeting. I am on the STAC committee (Surface and Transportation Advisory Committee), which required me to fill out a form for the position, which must be approved by the mayor, and then voted on by the council.

The STAC committee can only recommend items to the Council, and has no authority to act on any issue.

We hold open meetings at the town council chambers, on the first Wednesday of each month, at 4 p.m. These meetings are posted.

This committee has been active for several years, and the town council has acted, and approved many of our recommendations, such as the extension of Mud Springs Road from Frontier Elementary School to Highway 260, repair of St. Phillips from Bonita Street to Frontier, Bonita Street, from Hwy 87 to St. Phillips, and McLane Road, from Forest Drive to Airport Road. At this time, the committee has 21 additional roadway improvement projects prioritized, and additional projects will be added each month.

The point is, the STAC committee was established by an open meeting of the town council, and the seven members were appointed the same way.

I believe the citizens of Payson, and members of these task forces, deserve a clear explanation of why the task forces were not established by the same procedure as the STAC committee? Especially, those members of the task force committees who have been working very diligently to secure information, but, may find the council can not accept this information, because of open meeting law violations.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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