Payson Needs An Urgent Care Clinic



I was so happy when I saw your Sept. 1 "What's Up" article investigating the possibility of an urgent care facility here in Payson. That is, until I finished reading it and discovered the town will not have one and the company will try again next year.

This is sad.

Payson urgently needs such a facility because of the families who work for employers that do not provide medical insurance.

Many of these families cannot afford private insurance, but then are told by social services that they make too much income (to receive state assistance).

This is ludicrous.

Families with parents in their early forties are left out in the cold, as they have to pay most of their earnings for the high rent that is charged in Payson.

Being forced to go to the hospital emergency room for stitching a wound has a person still paying for those services a year later because the fees are high.

We desperately need an Urgent Care center in Payson. Not having one is a real shame.

M. Mitchell, Payson

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