Pine Strawberry Brush Pick Up Scheduled



The big Labor Day weekend is behind us. I was away, but I hear there were a lot of people in town, lots of traffic and lots of traffic jams, particularly coming up Interstate 17.

Hopefully, all the local businesses did well and everyone had a great time in the high country.

Brush pick up schedule

The Pine Strawberry Fire Department's schedule for brush pick up has now been posted. Pine and Strawberry have been divided into zones. Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 are in Pine. Zone 1 is north of Highway 87 and east of Pine Creek Canyon. Zone 2 is north of 87 and west of Pine Creek. Zone 3 includes the neighborhoods south of Highway 87 and south of Hardscrabble Road. Zone 4 includes the area south of Highway 87 and east of Hardscrabble Road. I hope I have those directions correct. Pine is complicated.

Zone 5 and 6 are in Strawberry. Zone 5 is all of Strawberry that is north of Fossil Creek Road and Zone 6 includes all neighborhoods south of Fossil Creek Road. Pick up days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Zones 1 and 4 will be picked up on alternating Mondays. Zones 2 and 5 will be picked up on alternating Tuesdays and Zones 3 and 6 will be picked up on alternating Wednesdays. The new schedule, beginning with Zone 1 will begin on Sept. 11. This schedule is new and may take a couple of weeks to work out the kinks. Be patient. If a route is not completed during its scheduled day, the crew will start at that point the next working day. Let's get all that brush out there for pick up.

This brush pick up program has been very successful. Tons of burnable brush has been removed from our neighborhoods making them so much safer.

We have a ways to go but if we all get our properties cleaned up, our neighbors should take the hint. And remember, if you have a neighbor whose property is badly overgrown, report it to the fire department and the property owner will receive a notice. These notices usually spur action.

The Labor Day library book sale did very well. A donation of sellable books is always most welcome as these book sales are a huge boost to the library's operating budget. Stop by and talk with Becky if you have books to donate. Someone other than me won the wonderful tea basket. Oh well.

Join your neighbors at the Senior Center for lunch at 11:30 a.m. and then a variety of afternoon activities. Membership dues are only $5, which allows you to eat lunch for $3.50. Non-members pay $5. This is a great way to keep in touch and have fun during the long winter days ahead.

Telebration this year, sponsored by the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library, will be Saturday, Nov. 18. Tickets for dinner and the show are now available at the library for $20. Last year, the dinner sold out. Get your tickets early. This is always a great event.

For all Quad and Motorcycle enthusiasts, plan to attend the fund-raiser for the Justice McNeeley Foundation on Saturday, Sept. 30. This is a fun event for a great cause. Several local children have been helped by this foundation and requests for help are welcome. Complete details in future columns.

Oktoberfest events

You will want to be in town on Oct. 7 and 8 for the big Oktoberfest events. The Pine Strawberry Business Community is having a Fall Fest Full of Family Fun at the Pine Community Center. Requests are being taken for The Good, The Bad, The Ugly rummage sale that is part of the event. Spaces are $20 for the weekend. Call Cindy Human at (928) 476-2406 to reserve your space or for more information. There will be fun and games throughout both days.

AA meets at 6 p.m. each Sunday in the Senior Dining Room in Pine.

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