Post Office Should Reinstitute ‘Take-A-Number' System



This letter is in regards to the U.S. Postal Service's recent decision to remove the Take-A-Number system in Arizona.

Please, reinstitute the Take-A-Number system.

Most of Payson's residents are seniors. It's very hard on our legs and backs to stand in line for an extended time. Having the number system allows us to sit down, move around to prevent the discomfort from occurring, or even lean against one of the counters.

Being forced to wait in a line like cattle is also demeaning. I had enough of that in the military.

The analogy of having to wait at Safeway or Bashas' is false. Those lines rarely take more than five minutes or so. Waiting at the post office can easily stretch to 15 minutes or more. With the Christmas season approaching, I shudder to think of having to wait in a line, holding Christmas packages, for half an hour or more.

Thank you for reconsidering this bad policy.

Hank Marquardt, Payson

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