Town Manager Doubles As Building Inspector


More and more people are moving into the small community of Star Valley as evidenced by the number of building permits the town has been receiving.

Since July 1, the town has received 32 building permits in need of inspection.


Star Valley Town Manager Lanny Sloan, who has been pushing the town council for some time to hire a building inspector, is now doing the inspections himself.

Interim Town Manager Lanny Sloan said since the town is new, it is hard to gauge what is normal or abnormal on the number of building permits it is receiving.

Sloan, who has been pushing the town council for some time to hire a building inspector, is now doing the inspections himself.

He said this is the first time he has ever known of a town or city manager doing the inspections.

"Between permits and inspections, I spend two to three hours every day on it," he said, adding that takes away time from other activities he could be doing.

He said the town is averaging 14 permits a month, and the town has budgeted $12,000 this year for them.

Of the 32 building permits, eight are for new homes, two are for manufactured homes, two are for porch additions, three for metal buildings and 17 remodels.

"At this point, we are seeing an increase, and from talking to people I think this going to continue to happen," Sloan said

Sloan is required to go out to every site numerous times to check off the portion of work the contractor has completed.

He said there is a whole range of items that need to be inspected from roof nailings to final electrical work to ensure everything is being done properly.

"From a home from scratch, you could go out there 15 times," the town manager said. "It depends on how the contractor is working."

On Wednesday afternoon, he was inspecting the fittings on a home remodel in East Star Valley.

A portion of the home Sloan inspected had been gutted due to concrete issues, and he walked the edges to make sure the steel reinforcing bars were separated by the correct distance.

He said an inspection on fittings takes about 10 minutes, but it not unusual for him to spend 30 minutes at a location for the framing portion of the project.

Sloan said his background as a building inspector is minimal, but he has administered people who held the position in the past.

"Am I the best person for the job?" he asked. "No."

Sloan has scheduled interviews with two people who have applied to be the town's building inspector on an as-needed basis. After the interviews, he will send a recommendation to the town council.

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