Voting For Change



In your Aug. 29 edition there was a letter referring to "A vote for Little." I've lived in Payson for 17 years. I have known of Dorothy Little within the court system. Ronnie McDaniel was the residing justice of the peace, and Ms. Little would fill in for him.

My story started 13 years ago, I came to the police station, not for a crime "I" committed. One was committed against me and my two daughters. I was abused by my ex-husband, who was arrested and charged with resisting arrest with a deadly weapon. No charge was made for domestic violence. It was Dorothy Little who was in charge that day. I was honored to have a restraining order, although, while I was packing my things, somehow my ex-husband had the capability to call me every five minutes while he was in jail. Personally, I do not know how things are run within the court and jail but why is it the victims receive less justice than the accused?

My story does not end here. Now, 13 years later, for the last two years, I find myself in and out of court because of back child support and medical expenses that need to be reimbursed to me. A judgment was made within the Superior Court in October 2005. My ex-husband, displeased with the judgment, filed false documents, stating I owed him money from 10 years ago. The clerk of court and I have proof these are false allegations. Nevertheless, the Superior Court gave my ex-husband the credit of funds that he claimed I owed him. Frankly, by now, I was a "tad" frustrated with the process. I took my back medical expense claim to the Justice Court to be collected. After, the Superior Court ruled that the father of the children had to pay 100 percent medical expenses. And after several notices to pay, he refused to reply to me. I inquired with the Justice Court before I filed a claim and I was told that it was appropriate for me to file the claim. Until my ex-husband's attorney writes a letter to Dorothy Little begging for mercy because "I" was abusing the legal system. One claim, in 13 years, is abuse? Dorothy Little seemed to think so and I got fined. I never did get my day in court with Dorothy Little. I am a little disappointed. Does it matter that the guy owes me thousands of dollars for un-reimbursed child support and un-reimbursed medical bills? I guess not. The abuse is now through the legal system. These are not presumptions of what may to come with a new justice of the peace. This is my reality with the justice of the peace we have now. My vote is for a refreshing change.

As for the opinion of the "A vote for Little," she came across as if she to needs to study a little harder with her facts. Not everyone who goes into the court house has committed a crime. There are those of us who are standing up to the criminals. We shouldn't be condemned for our efforts, or fined.

Annie Crom, Payson

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