What Happened To The Days When You Could Trust People?



I think some merchants are taking advantage of people in our town, and probably all over our country. Something needs to be done about the four things I am writing about. I am sure there are other things that should be checked out as well.

1) We purchased four showers from (a local hardware business). We had to call the manufacturer about a question (the business) could not answer. We found out our showers were discontinued over three years ago. The showers are OK, but why is (the business) selling three-year-old items for the price of new items? We also purchased a picket fence that had pickets fall off. There was no help there -- I had to screw the pickets on myself.

2) We bought Cortaid skin cream from (another local store). Checking the expiration date, we discovered it expired in 2003. It was being sold three years past expiration date. When I talked to the pharmacist at the store, she said to bring it back and get another one. Either no one checks the dates or (the store) buys old items and hopes the customers will never check.

3) We bought a three pound beef tri-tip roast from (a local grocery store). While turning the roast over, the bottom had a layer of fat that covered the back side.

When the fat was cut off, the roast only weighed half a pound.

4) We bought a telephone from (a local store). When I got home and opened it up, I could tell it had been used. Now we have to take that back.

I know I am not the only one having these experiences. What happen to the old days when you didn't have to worry about being taken advantage of, and you could trust people?

Ron Hegenderfer, Payson

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