A Vote For Dan Hill



I would like to tell you who Dan Hill is and what he has done for Payson since he moved here. Since Dan moved to Payson he has become one of the front runners in community involvement. Almost every organization in town knows him by name.

Dan joined Rotary in 1999 when he moved to Payson. He joined to become involved with others who know the importance of community service.

He has also worked with the Boy Scouts, leading 21 boys to the rank of Eagle. Dan began the Interact Club at PHS and currently it is the largest service club at the High School with 45 members.

This is not all Dan is involved in, there is much more. Dan's involvement can only be matched by a few in the community. He became involved in the community long before he had any political aspirations of becoming your next JP.

One of his opponents has recently joined the Republican Women's Party, when she realized it might look good to be involved in the community outside of her duties as justice of the peace. The other has recently offered free legal lectures on any legal subject to any organization that would have him. Both have realized the importance of community involvement, but too little, too late and for self-serving election purposes.

I love to read the letters by the opponent's supporters who claim, "Dan has been selling furniture from the past seven years." (as if that is all he has done) Well that is true to some extent but as you can see Dan has also been helping others see their full potential. This is an important and much needed quality for justice of the peace.

The qualifications for justice of the peace are:

1. 18 years old

2. A resident of Northern Gila County

3. A citizen in good character

Each opponent qualifies, even I meet those qualifications! But I think there should be a 4th qualification added.

4. Positively affecting people by helping them to help themselves.

If you end up in front of the justice of the peace, it is probably for some minor offense, such as a traffic ticket, misdemeanor, or small claim. One of the best things a justice of the peace can do is to help someone who has made a mistake, change his/her cycle of behavior. Dan Hill has a proven track record when it comes to helping people to better themselves. Please join me in voting for Dan Hill on Sept. 12.

Jill Wearne, Payson

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