Aps Rates Have Gone Up No Matter How You Spin It



In early August, you published a Letter to the Editor that I wrote regarding outrageous APS rate increases. Until recently, I failed to see the response written by Jan Parsons, APS customer service manager for Gila County.

I appreciate Ms. Parsons attempt to explain any confusion or concern regarding APS rates and extraneous charges. But the bottom line is that APS rates have increased and they've increased a lot.

I know this just by looking at and comparing my monthly bills. In fact, the new bill format makes it easy for me to do this.

And regardless of the recent media reports that "mischaracterized" second-quarter earnings, APS is asking the Arizona Corporate Commission for an additional 21 percent general rate increase in November and is trying to recoup as much money as possible for the mishap at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

These are the facts and cannot be explained or "mischaracterized" away.

If (as stated in Ms. Parsons' guest comment), my recent Letter to the Editor raised questions and generated additional customer visits to the local APS office, then way to go Roundup readers.

Let's keep up the pressure and let our elected officials, APS and the Arizona Corporate Commission know that we do not support any additional APS rate increases.

Cynthia Frantsen, Payson

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