Smoking Is A Civil Liberty That Shouldn't Be Taken Away



This letter is to those nonsmoking voters who are so adamant about signing away our civil liberties.

I am aware that smoking is offensive and not an admirable habit, but it is one's civil liberty to do so if he or she so desires. After all, isn't this America, and the land of the free?

Our veterans fought for this precious right, which is legal.

Have you seen anybody light up in an establishment lately that has a sign not to? I don't think so. Almost every smoker has manners enough not to smoke where a sign is posted. This should be enough. So, in closing, do we have to vote away our civil liberties? If, for example, the smell of coffee (which has caffeine and is not good for you) offended me, would you like it voted away? Please think before you act like California. If you smoke on your own balcony, you would be cited in your own home. Don't let our soldiers die in vain by voting away civil liberties. The next might be your own civil right taken away.

Hal Wellington, Payson

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