Patty Party



I understand that Payson has a Lois Club.

I have never run into a Lois, but I hope it is not because I travel in the Patty circle.

I do not know any Patricks, but hey! If a Patty and a Patrick got together would that be a "patty party"?

There are several ways to spell Patty -- at least the Pattys I know spell their name four different ways:




and, Pat.

Funny, I don't know anyone who goes by Patricia or Patrecia, but I am sure to run into several in Payson eventually.

Patty is a merry name I think. And merry is a good position to give advice from and a good way to face life.

My older cousin Pat always gave me good advice on love and child rearing.

When you are really in love you will feel like no couple on earth has ever felt that much love, she told me.

And, slow down and pay attention to your child because she will be grown and gone before you can blink.

My mom told me similar things, but sometimes we need to hear something from a different person before we discover our mothers are smart.

One of the most colorful people in my life is a Patti.

Her home is barely eclipsed by her sparkling personality.

Patti is the definition of fun and man-oh-man can she cook real Bombay chutney.

Her house a blaze of color and art. Each room has a different theme.

Paty watches more than she talks and calls 'em as she sees 'em -- droll, enlightening or hilarious.

She reminds me of how powerful women can be when they set their minds to the task at hand.

My friend Patty can write circles around me when it comes to romance and situations that touch the heart. When her boys are grown I look for her to be the next great romantic-and-then-a-lot-more bestseller.

I can think of at least four other Pattys, but I don't know them as well.

Besides, if they made their own club, I would have to carol on all alone.

Where would be the fun (for selfish me) in that?

No matter the names, our friends sustain us, dream with us and share all the craziness (good and bad) that life has to offer.

You don't need a club for that, but what a kick and why not have one just for Lois or Tom or Romeo -- oh wait the Romeos meet already and they don't even have to be named Romeo, just be a retired old man eating out -- or Cathleen.

So, to the ladies of the Lois Club I wish much good fortune and fun.

I'll bet your meetings are a hoot.

I'm off to meet my friends Patty for dinner.

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