Can Fall Be Here Already?



All summer, my hummingbird feeders were humming with many species and at least a few dozen of these tiny whirlwind birds all summer long, but just as abruptly as they arrived, most have left as of last week.

The feeders were being emptied almost as fast as they could be filled, and now there are just a few hummingbirds taking the nectar from the feeders.

I am sorry to see them go, I enjoy sitting on the porch and watching them every day.

Another sign that fall is fast approaching is the fast and furious canning that is happening by many of the residents who have fruit trees in their yards. Apples, pears, plums and blackberries have been canned in many ways, in pies, applesauce, and I can't forget that favorite vegetable, the zucchini. I have made many loaves of bread and some jars of pickles. Guess what my family will be receiving for Christmas this year?

If you have a garden with many cucumbers, refrigerator pickles are very easy to make. Another really easy recipe for homemade apple butter is done in the crockpot and cooked overnight. Visit the Web site for these easy recipes. There are many suggestions for quick and easy ways to jar up your fruits and produce.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief Alliger reports that many of his volunteer firemen attended Fire School this past weekend in Mesa. Many classes were offered including homeland security issues, how to detect arson fires, and several other workshops pertinent to the volunteer firemen.

The auxiliary to the fire department has rescheduled their monthly meeting to Sept. 19 at the Tonto Village Chapel. The meeting gets underway at 3 p.m. and anyone who is interested in what the auxiliary is doing for their community, please stop by and listen in.

Last night at the Tonto Village Fire Board meeting it was announced that there will be an opening on the fire board for the general election in November. If there is anyone within the district who would like to run for the board, contact the elections board in Globe for the necessary paperwork. The filing deadline is Sept. 27.

Tonto Village Chapel

Carol Jones of the Chris-town Women's Bible Study group will again speak at the Chapel this coming Tuesday, Sept. 19. The topic this week will be "Granny Smith Apple Pie." The workshop will start at 9 a.m. and a potluck luncheon will offered after the workshop. Carol is a very talented speaker and instructor and there will be many intriguing subjects discussed. Mark your calendar for this very important workshop.

Sunday services at the Chapel begin at 9 a.m. every Sunday morning along with Sunday School for the kids at 10:30 a.m. Adult Bible study is held at the same time.

There is also another Bible Study group held on Thursday evenings at Connie Weldon's home in Tonto Village III. For more information on any of the activities being held at the chapel, contact Pastor Charlie at (928) 472-4503.

Pool results

There have been so many other activities happening in the village, the pool tournaments have been overlooked. The ladies nine-ball tournament held on Tuesday evenings at the Double D had the Double D gals dominating the tables. Payge Ferriera, Margaret Stasney and Ethel Cain were the top winners. Last week's winners were Kara Shaw, Judi Tolle and Ethel Cain.

The eight-ball tournaments are held on Sunday afternoons beginning at 3 p.m. The winners this past Sunday were Betty Koutz, Cliff Landrum and Chuck Huth. Congratulations to all the winners.

New Art Group formed

There are so many talented people living in our area that a new gathering has started to meet every Friday afternoon about 1 p.m. at the Double D Restaurant. All types of media such as sandstone, river rocks and, of course, painting on canvas. Maybe these very talented artists will consider an art show in the future. If you have an interest in creating in any type or form, check out this group.


Elaine Tetzke will celebrate a birthday on Sept. 19 and Gloria Alliger will add another candle on Sept. 23.

Both gals live in Tonto Village III. Happy birthday to the both of you. Melody Morris will turn 16 on Sept. 23. Melody is working part-time at the Double D Restaurant. Happy birthday to all of you. Good luck to Jan Davenport of Tonto Village III on her new job assignment. Jan is now working as a receptionist at Dr. DeWitt's office.

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