Committees Should Work In The Light Of Day



From a perspective way to the south, Payson is very fortunate in the mayor it has elected. He has hit the ground running and is taking seriously your water situation and responsible growth. We in Cochise County can only pray for the leadership and guts that he is demonstrating. We have had to do a referendum against one of the most powerful developers in the state in order to get the ear and respect of government.

In regards to the mayor's task force and the open meeting law (OML), if these are advisory committees, meetings must be posted. Even if an advisory committee gathers information in violation of the OML, I don't know what would keep the city council from considering the information.

The better course of action is always to err on the side of complying with the OML if you are in doubt. I can't imagine any good reason why any advisory committee would have sessions to get information without giving notice to the public.

So Payson, please do not self-destruct. Mr. Mayor, make sure your committees are in compliance and work in the light of day. And people of Payson, while I am all for holding government accountable, please do not miss the bigger picture of the task ahead of you. Now is your time to get it right.

Barbara Buntin, Benson, Ariz.

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