Helicopter Noise Can Be A Blessing



Regarding the Sept. 5 letter by David Corrasa complaining about your hospital's helicopter noise. I'm not sure which way to go with here -- the right to defend your actions or the judgmental-sounding approach, regarding the helicopter noise.

I guess because I've seen it from all sides this year, I'll choose helicopter noise.

Please, at least you know when you hear a helicopter up there you know they, in fact, are helping someone.

In the Valley when you hear a helicopter flying over your house it means to get the kids in the house and, to be safe, lock it up for a while until they stop circling above.

One year, my daughter had a sleepover in our back yard with six other girls. At about 3 a.m. I heard a helicopter over the house and saw the light coming in through the windows.

Remembering the kids, I headed out for the back yard. As I passed their room, I noticed kids sleeping on the bed and this calmed me for a minute.

But as I headed toward the back yard I saw the lights again and heard the dogs going nuts. I decided to head out back and look.

Checking through the window first, I saw a body in the middle of my yard. That's when I realized it was my daughter's body.

The way she was laying there, just sprawled out all alone, I guess the (helicopter pilots) thought she was dead.

Well, she was -- dead asleep -- and the helicopter was so close to her I just lost it. I ran out and grabbed her and ran back inside.

We've also found prison overalls (uniforms) under our stairs outside, and have heard fast footsteps in our attic, which is accessible from a laundry room off the driveway.

Now for all of you in Payson, you can be glad it's only medical patients that the helicopters are hauling overhead. And unless they're dropping down on you, keep it to yourself.

One day you or a loved one may need that annoying helicopter to take you for a life-saving ride. And you might find, like other 15-second annoyance you've experienced in our society (such as traffic and smoking in public), that it could someday be shut down.

Please find something else to get you through those 15-second peeves -- like pray for them.

Kathleen McCoy, Phoenix

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