Owners Of Vacant Lots Beware, County Warns


Gila County officials are warning owners of vacant lots to beware of a scam that appears to be targeting them.

Bryan Chambers, deputy Gila County attorney, said numerous Gila County landowners have contacted county offices regarding letters received from a company named Asset Holding, LLC out of Scottsdale.

The letters offer landowners low prices for their property.

"The letters seem to be going to owners of vacant lots and they offer small amounts of cash for the parcels," said Gila County Treasurer Priscilla Knuckey-Ralls. She cited one letter that offered the owner $150 for nearly an acre of land.

The letters come in legal-size, window envelopes and may appear to be some kind of bill, Knuckey-Ralls said.

"We have had several citizens call us wanting an explanation," said Gila County Assessor Dale Hom. "Many of them think it is about delinquent property taxes and that their property is already lost." He believes some of the confusion can be attributed to the fact that the letter from the Scottsdale company states "the source of the contact information is the Gila County Assessor."

Hom said he wants to reassure the public that the letter has nothing to do with his office or with delinquent taxes.

"Homeowners should never sign anything they don't understand," County Attorney Daisy Flores said. She added that doing so in this case could result in property owners losing their property for just pennies on the dollar.

Attempts to reach the company approaching property owners, Asset Holding, LLC, were unsuccessful.

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