Payson's New Meter Reader Former On-Air Personality



A bleak unemployment outlook in Oregon brought Ronnie Abram to Payson in March.

His brother, nephews and nieces have made their home here for seven years.


Ronnie Abram

Learning about an opening at NPG Cable, Abram visited in February to interview for the job and was hired.

He worked for the cable company for about six months before joining Arizona Public Service as a meter reader.

Abram's background is in radio, but he also helped his station's engineer with the electrical work to maintain the broadcasting equipment.

"I want to be as proficient as I can be before looking at moving into another position with APS," Abram said. Because he is new to the work, he has not yet started scoping the meters from a vehicle as some more experienced readers do. So, he will be coming into residential yards to check meters, said Jan Parsons, manager of the Payson APS office. Like all APS meter readers, he will have a company truck, a hat, shirt and identification badge all identifying him as an employee of the company, she added.

Working with the cable company, Abram said, he had a great opportunity to learn his way around the town. Now with APS, he is being taken to places throughout the Rim Country. The meter readers are assigned different routes every day.

"We read as many as 400 meters a day," Abram said.

The 37 year old is originally from LaGrande, Ore. where he hosted a top rated radio show for seven years. Music and audio production work are what he enjoys in his leisure time and he has shared some of his voice talent on KCMA.

He is so devoted to music and audio production, Abram said, the person in history he'd most like to meet is Thomas Edison.


Name: Ronnie Abram

Occupation: Meter Reader

Employer: APS

Age: 37

Birthplace: LaGrande, Ore.

Family: brother, nephews and nieces in Payson.

Greatest Feat: When I was in radio, I had the No. 1 rated show for seven years in LaGrande.

Favorite hobby or leisure

activity: music, audio production.

Three words that describe me best: honest, loyal and dependable.

I don't want to brag but ... I'm glad to have the opportunity to come to Payson and be employed with APS.

The person in history I'd most like to meet is: Thomas Edison

Luxury defined: A roof over my head and being in comfortable surroundings.

Dream vacation spot: Jamaica

Why Payson? Too much unemployment in Oregon.

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