Women To Study Book Of Titus At Annual Retreat



This year's Ladies Eighth Annual Retreat is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 4 at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church. This year's theme is the Book of Titus, and it will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

It is a salad luncheon.

Bring along your favorite salad to share, dress is casual and if you want to go on the walk, wear comfortable shoes. Come and join everyone for fun, fellowship, Bible study, delicious food and more.

There will be childcare available in the chapel from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and there will be peanut butter, jelly and milk provided for them.

RSVP for childcare by Oct. 1 by calling Teresa Branson at (928) 476-2558.

This year they are extending the retreat to a sleepover, or stay as long as you want. Those interested can call Betty Starr at (928) 478-0398 or Pat Guevara at 9928) 478-4122. Ladies, this is really worth a trip to Christopher Creek.

The Firebelles will be giving a Fireman's Appreciation Luncheon on Sept. 23 after drivers' training at Camp Tontozona for the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department and its families.

Firebelles will need nominations for new board members in October if you want to get involved in something good.

Support local soldier

Jo Armistead of Christopher Creek has a sister, Ester Burlingame, stationed in Qatar.

She is a commander in the Navy and takes care of the critical wounded.

She recently e-mailed Jo and asked for prayers for the wounded warriors and their families and for the families who will never see their loved ones again. Prayers for all their families back home and that they do a good job and keep up their spirits. All of you on prayer chains, please add Ester and her unit and their families to your prayer chain.

She said she counts her blessings daily. She said that life over there is very different. It is hot and humid.

She said that when the line goes all the way to the top of her thermometer (that goes to 125) she doesn't want to know how hot it is.

The sun is extremely bright against the tan sand and she has to wear sunglasses to not get blinded by the sun.

She said, on most days, you could take your fish out for a walk except it would be cooked by the time you went one block. She said her hours are crazy because the bad guys don't keep normal business hours and the news stories that we hear that involve casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan involve her team.

She said it is amazing when you realize what you are doing in the field now for our wounded soldiers. Some of them receive 200 plus units of blood while they are being stabilized.

With the critical care air treatment teams they can fly patients back to Landstul in Germany for ongoing care within 12 hours of making sure the person is safe to fly.

This has dramatically improved their chances for survival.

Ester said when people ask what they can do, there are two things that come to mind: Prayers of support and donating blood.

Care packages will be greatly appreciated and shared.

Jo said the post office would give you a free box and a flat rate for military.

Her address is:

CDR Burlingame


APO AE 09309-9998

She also said, "Remember: Freedom is not free."

Our prayers are with Ester and her unit and their families back home. May they stay safe, do a great job, keep their spirits up and come home safe to their families.

Thanks, Ester, to you and your unit for taking good care of our warriors over there.

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