Criticism Of Bush Creates Hardship



Letters to the Editor critical of President Bush and his supporters in the 2004 election have certain common characteristics. They are based on straw man arguments, and speculation about the rationale of the decision-making processes of the president and those who voted for him. They never suggest that voters for the president might have considered him as better qualified than the Democrat to meet the needs of the majority of Americans.

What can now be accomplished by arguing against the war in Iraq? Are we better off taking the risk that terrorist resources not needed in Iraq because we choose the cut-run policy will be used in the United States to our detriment? If we adopt a cut-and-run policy in Iraq will the risk that terrorist resources in Iraq will be used against us in either the United States or Iraq be greater or less likely? What effect do the claims of government incompetence have on the morale of the troops in Iraq and on military enlistment goals? Do we have any problems with our own conscience if we surrender the people of Iraq to the mercy of the terrorist rule?

One negative effect of continuing criticism of President Bush is that it raises a serious question about the stability of American government. There is the risk that incorrect inferences from that situation could lead to serious hostile actions against the United States.

If the American people are so unhappy about the situation, why not let the American people decide the leadership they want in the elections of 2006 and 2008? A government that operates on the basis of day-to-day voter polls is too unstable to serve the best interests of the American people.

Are those who criticize our Iraq strategy concerned about the risk that a cut-and-run strategy will result in a terrorist-safe haven in Iraq, which will be a base for international terrorist operations? Are they afraid of a lost political opportunity if they wait because Iraq will soon not need American military support? Are they unconcerned about the future of the people of Iraq?

Jim Winter, Payson

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