Lost Dog Found On Highway 87 Finally Returned To Owners



My family went camping up on the Rim near Pivot Rock Canyon over Labor Day weekend. The family consisted of my son and wife and their two daughters, and husbands, and two children -- Andrea, age 5, and cousin Tyler, age 7. Andrea brought her purebred pug female dog with her. She sleeps with this gentle dog and loves it.

The parents removed the collar with tags and put on a harness instead.

On Sunday morning, the dog was lost. Andrea and Tyler were devastated. So, all the family prayed for God to keep the dog safe from harm in those desolate woods and to please return her to them.

Andrea and parents had to return home on Sunday morning and Tyler and family left on Monday, and Grandfather Terry and Vicki stayed at camp until Tuesday morning. Still no dog found. So all returned to the Valley.

Was it a coincidence that the following Wednesday as Vicki drove Florence to the Mayo Clinic, they were talking about the poor little lost dog, but Vicki said, "It's in God's hands because we prayed about it."

Florence felt she should call on her cell phone to Marilyn Davis (a friend of hers who lives in Payson) to watch the Payson papers in case a lost dog is advertised. Marilyn said, "I'll call the Payson Humane Society and radio station. So, Florence described the dog to her. Only a few minutes later and a few miles down the road, Marilyn called back and said, "I located the lost dog."

A lady named Jenny Lacek was returning home from camping near Pivot Rock Canyon with her two dogs late Sunday morning. In the middle of the road on Highway 87, she saw what appeared to look like a small deer. Three or four cars were parked on both sides of the road observing it. When she realized it was a dog, she asked each one if it was theirs. They said "No." She asked why they didn't pick it up. They said they were afraid it could bite. So Jenny picked it up and took it to her home in Peoria.

She called the Payson Humane Society and left her phone number. Marilyn called her and identified the dog.

Jenny kept it from Sunday until Wednesday evening, and even placed an ad in the paper, yet would refuse a reward offered.

How odd it was that Jenny lived so close to Andrea that it was only a short distance to pick it up.

Now, like Paul Harvey says: "Now this is the rest of the story." The dog's name is Angel.

Florence Maaske, Glendale (formerly of Payson)

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