Majestic Rim Residents Adjust To New Life


Seniors starting a new life at the newest facility for older residents, Majestic Rim, are still making adjustments.

The facility has only been open since June and has 50 units, with about half occupied.


Residents of the new senior living facility, Majestic Rim, from left, James Goff, Tina Lovetro and Betty Partch, enjoy a card game in the community room at the apartments at 310 E. Tyler Parkway in Payson.

Three of the residents -- James Goff, Tina Lovetro and Betty Partch -- talked with the Payson Roundup recently about life at Majestic Rim.

Both Lovetro and Partch came to the apartments in early June, Goff and his wife, Mary Francis, arrived in late June. Partch and Lovetro are both widows. Partch has lived in Payson for 24 years, and Lovetro came to Majestic Rim from Mesa, where she still owns a home. The Goffs have been residents of the area for about 12 years.

"We were waiting for something like this," James Goff said. "We came to one of the first presentations they made." The 50-unit complex is part of The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society and The Samaritan Communities of Greater Arizona, though religious affiliation is not a factor in living at the facility.

Lovetro, whose son, Gary, and daughter-in-law, Chris, make their home in Pine, said, "My son saw the advertisement and rented an apartment for me to keep me close."

After her husband died, Partch said she stopped eating properly and knew she had to find a place where she could have at least one good meal a day. "I looked around and visited a similar place in Prescott. I have two daughters that live in the Valley, but I refuse to live down there."

In addition to the one good meal -- lunch, served in the community dining room -- Majestic Rim also offers housecleaning services to residents.

"It's just wonderful to have the apartment cleaned every Friday," Lovetro said.

What Goff likes best is the friendliness of the residents. "I like the people who live here and the friendliness of everyone. There are no strangers here."

He and his wife also have two daughters, one in Prescott and the other in Mesa, so they make frequent trips to visit them.

"We have more activities than we can get around to," Goff said.

Lovetro, on the other hand, would like more activities at the apartments. She said there are quite a few couples in the complex, so they have someone to do something with, but, being a widow, she would like to see card games set up and maybe bingo.

Partch said she wouldn't mind a few more get togethers for the residents. She has the benefit of having a dog, a Shih Tzu, to occupy her time.

One of the ways she is adjusting to her new life at Majestic Rim is sitting with different people during lunch. It is a way to get acquainted with her neighbors.

While the facility provides transportation for the residents, Goff, Lovetro and Partch still have their own cars, though Goff's wife has made use of the bus service.

All three had high praise for the staff, saying they were very friendly and efficient. Lovetro singled out the facility's maintenance man, Dave Joseph. "He has been wonderful to keep up with the little things that need to be fixed," she said.

In addition to their brand new apartments and the community meal at lunch, the residents have access to a spa and exercise room, a pool table, several places to play cards, reading room, mail room, barber and beauty shop. For early risers, coffee is served in the Bistro.

The three are impressed with the security the building has. The inside entrance is locked at 5 p.m. and is not opened again until 8 a.m., there is video and audio feed from the entry area to each apartment, so residents can let visitors in after hours and they are free to come and go as they please.

All three are still adjusting to a new life in a new place. "It's different," Partch said. "I'm still having to make adjustments, but I would not go back to my old life."

For more information, call 474-3912.

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