Massage Ad Sends Out Wrong Message



I would like to voice my offense at the ad a local massage business put into the Sept. 13 issue of The Rim Review. As a licensed massage therapist, my goal is to keep a very professional approach to my business. The state of Arizona recently required massage therapists to become licensed at the state level. A license requires 500 hours of class time, including classes that address ethical issues. We then use the name massage therapist instead of masseuse, which has had a bad connotation. This was to ensure that hookers could not pose as massage therapists. We have worked tirelessly to maintain that massage therapy is not placed in a questionable category.

The play on words "Best Little Gel House in Town" brings to mind the phrase from a past movie: "The Best Little Whorehouse in (Texas)." Is this really the image massage therapists want to portray? It leaves the question in the reader's mind, "What kind of massage can I expect at at that place?"

I ask this place of business to remove their suggestive ad and try to maintain a high standard, because it affects all of us who seek to provide therapeutic bodywork and gives us a filthy image.

Laura Meidinger, Payson

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