Taking Away Take-A-Number System Is A Step Backward



Regarding the post office's decision to remove the Take-A-Number system, here's the issue from my point of view. The Take-A-Number system allowed one the freedom to accomplish other tasks if his or her number was not coming up for a period of time. You could pick up mail from your post office box, go back to your car if you forgot something or visit with a friend who came in a bit later.

Yes, we do wait in lines at the grocery store, and for many it is a hardship. So, do we really need to double the hardship at the post office? In a sense, the post office is like the meeting grounds at the old local town store in days gone by.

Removing the number system is a bit like stripping away an old custom. Sometimes moves to "progress" leave us all feeling like we've taken two steps back. If the majority of post offices in Arizona continue the Take-A-Number system, I strongly urge Lori Shewey, our postmaster, to reinstate the number system.

I suspect there really is no "research" supporting this change.

Ron Peterson, Payson

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