Thank You For Your Help In My Time Of Need



I find it easy to say "thank you" to someone who picks up something I've dropped -- to someone who hands me my receipt at the grocery store or opens the door for me -- but saying "thank you" for something large, like saving a life, a home, a job, is a different proposition.

Such is the situation I find myself in after my business Manzanita Adventure Sports burned in an electrical fire caused by a power strip, telephone, laptop computer or some similar small device on July 22. This was a horrible blow to us, yet we have much to be thankful for -- good friends, good community and good insurance.

We moved to Payson with the intent of helping others, not to be helped ourselves. So, I find our position to be particularly difficult.

I have known for some time that Payson is made up of some pretty decent folks. We saw evidence of this during the Rodeo Chediski fire. Even with this, it was a pleasant surprise to have such a large number of people stop in or call to offer their help or support. Even more surprising were the people who just showed up to help, saying, "Here we are, tell us what needs to be done."

Some of these people are friends of the shop who we have a relationship with and have tried to support, others are people that we have done nothing for in the past. This group of folks includes Scott Davidson, Daniel and George Conley, Eric Molitor, Jon Craig, Brandon Christianson and others I am probably forgetting to mention. Then there are the folks who were able to offer what I needed most and was the most worried about: help to continue to run my business -- Sue Malinski, Phil Hatch and Dale Winemiller of the Western Village and Rye Creek Carriages stopped by and offered a place to run our business free of charge while our building is being rebuilt.

This is no small thing and I must admit that I was rather choked up when the offer was made. I am not in a position to return these favors, so all I can really do is say thank you. Thank you all.

Devin Wala, Manzanita Adventure Sports

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