Take A Hike


The hike down Forest Road 428 is a perfect day out in the woods for the family. The road winds through meadows and thickly wooded areas. It is shaded in most portions, and, though there are a few hills, the overall experience is a nice walk in nature. The only caution is that this road is a favorite for ATV users on the weekends.

To get there, drive north through Strawberry and take a left immediately after the Strawberry Lodge. Follow this dirt road until you see a sign on your left that reads "Retreat Center." Turn left here and follow the road to left rather than driving up the Center's driveway. You will see a sign announcing your entrance into the Tonto National Forest. Soon after, you will see another sign for Twin Buttes. Continue to stay left past this sign and park whenever you find a good place. This walk can be as long as ten miles if you walk all the way to the end and back to your car.

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