Airport Should Pay For Itself



I want to thank Thomas Churchman of Brownwood, Texas for his help in making my point about this issue much more eloquently than I have been able to do.

1. As to more $2 million houses in Payson: Who needs any more?

2. Nice stores and restaurants: Were Payson to stop now in the process of becoming completely Tahoe-ized (we are already well on the way), it's complement of stores and restaurants will do for most of us present citizens. Highway 87 south is still open, last I heard.

3. Those who cannot tolerate a nonairport community will simply have to leave. That will take some pressure off the $2 million housing market.

4. Do you, Mr. Average Payson Citizen, realize in any way at all just how juicy and tender are the slices of prime Federal pork that support those cute little airports across the country in communities where their presence is completely frivolous?

Further, do you, Mr. Citizen, know just how much the seasoning costs, the seasoning of scarce matching or shared dollars supplied by those local communities, including Payson, in the name of a few well-heeled airport users? There is one project after the other in a never-ending train of "airport improvements." Let's use those dollars to fix the streets.

That aviation is of any significant general or economic importance to the overwhelming majority of the citizens of Payson is a claim that I am simply not willing to accept without verifiable, meaningful and current dollar figures. I am prepared to look and listen.

What is more, I certainly do not care where some writer for Flying magazine parks his carcass or his toys, and I know of no reason anyone else hereabouts should care either. Moreover, I think that kind of remark pretty well demonstrates the kinds of arguments that are generally applied in favor of general aviation -- elitist and meaningless to almost all of us.

I personally do not care whether the physical airport stays or goes. I just want those who use it to pay for it, 100 percent. Otherwise, I resent every penny spent.

This is no spoof or prank, Mr. Churchman.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Payson

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