Bush Is Protecting Our Country



In response to a letter written by Dan Farrell to the editor in the Friday, Sept. 8 Payson Roundup, I certainly disagree to what he said. Quoting his letter, "I suggest a common slogan to be adopted by those candidates who espouse Republic, Democratic, Libertarian and any other political persuasion: Elect me and I will clean up the mess made by my predecessor."

I think that he is wrong in his view, and that he needs to see the other side. I think that he is making fun of President Bush, and all of his followers. I strongly disagree that Bush has done a bad job. He has done what no other president has ever dared to do. He had our military protect us. He did what was right. I just wanted to say that when voting, look at the other side.

Elizabeth Romberger, Rim Country Middle School, Payson

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