Center President Calls Missed Election ‘Honest Mistake'


The Payson Senior Center was scheduled to elect a new board of directors recently.

The election was canceled and has been rescheduled for Oct. 13, leaving some members questioning.

But Director Marsha Cauley said the decision was made over a question of the amount of notice the election required.

Charlie Smith, president of the center's interim board of directors, said there are several sets of articles of incorporation, bylaws and amendments floating around.

"It was an honest mistake," Smith said. "We had one set of papers saying an election required 10 days notice, and then someone showed us where an amendment had been made, requiring candidates for the board to give 21 days notice."

There are 13 people running for election for the nine-member board, plus one who will seek a nomination from the floor, Melvin Palmer.

The others seeking a spot on the board are Deborah Barber, Paul Bates, Pat Carr, John Cihak, Roberta Crandall, Terry Curtis, Elaine Drorbaugh, Richard Falkenburg, Constance Jewell, Ray Mudd, Art Morrison, Rosalind Schuerer, Dudley Tolsma, and Barbara Underwood.

The center membership put the interim board into office May 2 and gave it 120 days to address issues and concerns with the articles of incorporation and bylaws, and then hold an election for a permanent board.

"The membership wants to make sure the power rests with it, not the board of directors," Smith said. There were a couple of roadblocks along the way, he said. Some of the center's funding sources needed assurances that the interim board was the proper entity with which they had to deal.

He said an extra effort was made to open board meetings to the public and make it possible for members to participate.

"We were not able to meet the 120-day deadline to straighten out the articles of incorporation and bylaws, and we really didn't want to make any decisions that would have a long-term impact," he said.

"The membership is a great group of people and the center is a worthwhile place. We are going have to work together to find new sources of money since the town is cutting back on what it gives us," Smith said.

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