Cocker In Her Golden Years Needs Special Someone



Meet just a few of the wonderful pets available for adoption from the Payson Humane Society. The animal shelter is located at 812 S. McLane Road, just south of Main Street, or call 474-5590 for more information. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


Princess is a very sweet, special-needs senior Cocker Spaniel. She came to us beautifully groomed and well cared for, but no one ever came looking for her.

We feel Princess deserves a kind and loving home to finish her life's journey. She still has plenty of living left to do, and we want her golden years to be spent with just the right person. If you are that special someone, please come to meet Princess. We know you will fall in love.


Hank is about 3 years old. He is a tall, shepherd mix. He was picked up as a stray near Payson High School. He loves being out in the yard and playing with other dogs. He does pretty well on a leash.

Hank is kind and gentle and deserves a loving, forever home. If you have a place in your home and heart for Hank, please come to the shelter and meet him.


Newt is a 1-year-old male Blue Heeler. He came to the shelter because his family moved to the Valley to live in an apartment.

He is shy, but is very friendly when he gets to know you. He gets along with other dogs, but does not like cats. He adores kids.

If you know and love the heeler breed, you will love Newt. Please come to the shelter and give him a second chance.


Boots is a 10-month-old Golden Retriever mix. His coat is a beautiful, soft golden brown. He is good on a leash, but is strong.

Boots gets along well with other dogs.

He needs a large, fenced-in yard and lots of exercise. Please come to the shelter and meet Boots.

Other Humane Society news

Many dogs and cats come into the shelter because they have wandered away from home and are picked up by the animal control officer or by a concerned citizen. If they are not wearing any identification, they may never be returned to their home and family.

The Payson Humane Society is now offering micro-chipping for your pet at a cost of $25. This permanent form of indentification will help ensure that your pet returns home safely in the event that he is ever lost or stolen. Bring your pet in for a microchip today; no appointment necessary.

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