Flatlanders Party Going Strong After 28 Years



Just when everyone is saying stay out of the woods, what do about 60 residents of Christopher Creek do? They head for the woods with their potluck dish in one hand and their lawn chairs in the other.

Last week was the 28th annual Flatlanders Party, and a very special thanks goes out to Robert McWorthy. Without him this party would not have happened. It takes a lot of work to put this party together and Robert went out of his way to see that it happened this year.

He said, as long as he is around there will be a Flatlanders Party. He set everything up. He dug the hole for the fire pit, bought the fresh corn and roasted it for everyone to enjoy over the open fire.

Thanks to Jay Fitzgerald for donating the firewood. The old-timers are dwindling when it comes to this party and the younger generation is taking over. The party was set up every year after the long, busy summer for locals to kick back and relax and tell stories of the fun they had.

It was a wonderful evening for a party. There was a star-filled sky and you could hear elk bugle in the background. What more could you ask for?

This year's Ladies Eighth Annual Retreat is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 4 at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church. This year's theme is the Book of Titus, and it will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

It is a salad luncheon. Bring along your favorite salad to share, dress is casual and if you want to go on a walk, wear comfortable shoes. Come and join everyone for fun, fellowship, Bible study, delicious food and more. There will be childcare available in the chapel from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and there will be peanut butter, jelly and milk provided for them.

RSVP for children by Oct. 1 by calling Teresa Branson at (928) 476-2558.

This year they are extending the retreat to a sleepover, or stay as long as you want. Those interested can call Betty Starr at (928) 478-0398 or Pat Guevara at (928) 478-4122. Ladies, this is really worth a trip to Christopher Creek.

The Fireman's Appreciation Luncheon is scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 23, after drivers training at Camp Tontozona for the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department and their families. The event is sponsored by the Firebelles.

The Firebelles are looking for a few good people to join the board.

Nominations will be in October if you want to get involved in helping out.

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