Forest Service Working To Keep Village Safe



Chain saws were buzzing away in the Village this past week.

The Forest Service has sent a crew to take down the dead ponderosa pines threatening the homes that back the forest.


Shank Cribbs and Andy Sanders of the U.S. Forest Service, working out of Engine 48, are busy clearing the dead ponderosa pine trees behind the homes in Tonto Village II.

The trees were so dead they would have come down with just a bit of snow on them and could have hit the homes. They are doing a great job. Thanks, guys, for helping to make our forest safer.

Bear sighting

Be on the lookout for a black bear that is roaming the neighborhood.

Early Monday morning, at about 2 a.m., our beagle, Libby, started to bark.

My husband let her out, but she would not go any farther than the front porch.

Later on in the morning, my husband was walking around the yard and spotted a paw print on his Jeep. Sure enough, it was a paw print of a bear, and a big one.

That same morning, as my friend Theresa and I were sitting on my porch after our morning walk, she spotted the bear running through the forest south of Control Road.

This bear looks like a big one, so be very careful of your animals.

It is most likely that the bear is eating the fruit from our trees, but there is no doubt that if threatened, either by a person or a dog, the bear will get the best of the situation.

Get well wishes

Ruby Terry of Tonto Village II has undergone a procedure at the Arizona Heart Institute this past week. Hopefully, Ruby will be home very soon.

Ruby is being taken very good care of by her husband, Charlie, and her daughter, Rita Spalink. Our prayers of get well go with you, Ruby.

Bear Flat

Dara Sutton will celebrate her birthday Sept. 28. Dara is very active in the Tonto Village Fire Department Auxiliary and the Tonto Village Chapel, as well as composing a newsletter for the residents of Bear Flat. Dara also is a devout dominoes player every Wednesday afternoon at the chapel. Thank you, Dara, for all you do. We wish you a very happy birthday.

Tonto Village Fire District

Volunteer firefighters from Meads Ranch, Collins Ranch, Diamond Point Summer Homes and Tonto Village attended the Arizona State Fire School in Mesa the first week in September.

Those attending were Chief J.R. Alliger, Gloria Alliger, Cliff Landrum, Chad Stluka, Kevin Martin, Steve Low, Phon Sutton, Rob Adams, Bill Beller and Steve Garcia.

The firefighters took a variety of classes including: vehicle extrication, arson investigation, emergency management command systems, and basic firefighting skills. All the participants passed the classes and received certificates of completion.

Pool results

Payge Ferriera was the winner of the nine-ball tournament this past Tuesday night and blanked out the gals from Christopher Creek when they played them at the Double D Saloon. Second- and third-place winners were Ethel Cain and Suzanne Shill.

Cliff Landrum was back in top form to play in the eight-ball tournament this past Sunday afternoon. Cliff took first place and Betty Koutz and Harvey Poyner shot for second and third places. Cliff is back in first place. Can anyone else beat him? Come by the Double D about 3 p.m. on Sunday, bring along your best cue stick and take on Cliff.

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