Smoking Is Not A Civil Liberty



I read with great interest the letter from the freedom-impaired smoker. He was trying to forward the notion that exposing the public to tobacco smoke was somehow a "civil liberty." I must respectfully disagree.

Science has studied secondhand smoke extensively and it is clear that it is harmful to nonsmokers; especially children. Not only that, it stinks.

It is an unfortunate addiction, indeed. However, smokers really have no right nor "liberty" to put others in peril because of their habit. They do not have the right to ruin the clean air that I might be enjoying at the time. All it takes is one smoker to "light up" and the environment changes, especially in a closed area. For example: having a smoking section in a restaurant or tavern is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool. It just doesn't address the problem. And it is a problem.

I applaud states that have taken proactive measures to protect the public, and I hope more states follow suit.

Linking this habit with dead veterans is ludicrous at best. Democracy is the reward of their efforts, not the right to abuse others.

G.R. Bossert, Pine

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