Star Valley Receives 41 Resumes For Town Manager Position


The Town of Star Valley is looking for a new town manager.

Before Tuesday night's town council meeting, Interim Manager Lanny Sloan said he was withdrawing his name from consideration.

How the town will select a new manager was the focus of Tuesday's meeting. Star Valley has received 41 resumes, and Sloan's contract runs through the end of the month.

The council decided to narrow the list of candidates down to a manageable figure before sending them to the Arizona League of Cities and Towns for background checks.

Each member of the town council has a sheet where he or she may grade the candidates on a number of qualities, including education, experience and management ability.

"We let the League of Arizona Cities and Towns compile the data and see what is the best fit for Star Valley," said Mayor Chuck Heron.

Councilor Mary Ann Kotelnicki said she looked at the situation in a different way, emphasizing her disappointment that Sloan withdrew his name from consideration.

"I completely understand the stress you worked under," she said to him.

"I do not think the council feels the ramifications (of hiring someone new)." She said she has reviewed all the resumes and does not think anyone can work for the town under the council's current framework.

"I feel we should work as a team," she said. "I truly feel that we have not been working as a team."

She said most of the decisions, including the decision on a town manager, is being made by one or two council members.

"I really do feel we are headed for disaster," she said. "This is not a one- or two-man show."

She said when members of the council went to a meeting for the Arizona League of Cities and Towns more than a month ago, a few members of the council told others in attendance they were looking for a new town manager.

"I did not give (anyone) power of attorney to make decisions for me," she said. "We need to correct this."

She said it is apparent that some council members need to develop some communication skills because most of the council is not aware of what a few members are doing.

Heron took exception to the entire council not being aware of the town manager search, saying there had been ongoing e-mail messages sent back and forth for the past three months.

Kotelnicki said Sloan, in an August meeting, mentioned he had a desire to stay.

Councilor Art Lloyd wondered how long the process would take to hire a new town manager.

"I have a concern we are going to be rudderless," he said. "We need to sit down with Lanny and find out why he is not going to reapply."

In other business, the Star Valley Council also:

  • Hired Payson resident Timothy Grier as its new town attorney.
  • Hired Star Valley resident Carl Reed as a part-time building inspector.

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