The Roundup Is Now In Print, On The Web And On The Radio



We stood around the radio as if we were warming ourselves. There were four of us -- the head pressman, the photo technician, the publisher and I. John Carpino was on the air talking about an upcoming event. We looked up at the clock -- 12:29. Carpino couldn't talk fast enough, time couldn't pass fast enough for us. We were waiting for something big.

Then the clock changed -- 12:30 -- and Payson Roundup reporter Felicia Megdal's voice came on the air.

"Hi, John," she said.

Someone started to make a comment and they were immediately "shhhh"ed.

We hung on Felicia's every word as she told us the news of the day. Her 90-second spot ended and we all smiled at each other. We turned down the radio and went back to our desks, walking with our chests out as if we'd accomplished something.

Even though it was Felicia who did the work, it was something for the whole newspaper to be proud of -- we took a big step that day, and it felt special.

It's been almost two weeks now that the Roundup has been on the air at KCMA 98.5 FM.

We had been throwing around the idea that we would like to partner with a radio station, and, as if she heard us talking, Lu Carpino was on the phone proposing we work together to put out morning news on the radio.

It was fun to write a new slogan -- The Payson Roundup, in print, on the Web and on the radio. But it's been more fun to realize the possibilities of the new arrangement. Two days ago, when we had some breaking news that happened overnight -- we called Felicia at the station as she went on air and it was out to the public, fast.

The Carpinos share our vision of community and we're proud to be working with them. And getting Felicia on the radio was a long time in coming. She has a master's degree from Columbia University in radio production / broadcast journalism.

When Richard Haddad and I met with John and Lu Carpino at Fireside Espresso over a month ago to throw around our ideas for this partnership, I knew this was the perfect chance to show what Felicia can do.

I hope you enjoy the Roundup on the radio. The news is on at 7:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday on KCMA 98.5 FM.

Call me if you have any suggestions at 474-5251 ext. 115 or e-mail editor@

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