Turkeys Lured By Careful Calling, Even In The Fall



When you mention turkey hunting, most outdoorsmen envision calling in that long bearded gobbler in the springtime. At that time of year, birds are very vocal and can be called into close range for a shotgun or archery shot.

Well, there is another hunt only a couple weeks away across the Rim Country for turkey. This was turkey hunt is by draw permit, which took place in early summer. So, the hunters are already chosen in each unit.

If you were fortunate to get a fall turkey tag you are probably already scouting your favorite areas. The hunter success rate is very low in most fall hunts for a variety of reasons. Believe it or not, fall turkeys are very susceptible to a call and can be lured into shotgun or archery range. My recommendation is to be in the woods at first light and spend time listening for that first yelp or muffled gobble of a turkey saying good morning to the early dawn.

Turkeys are a bit more of a challenge in the fall but they do respond to a soft hen yelp on a mouth diaphragm or a box call. One of the keys to a successful hunt is to cover a lot of ground on a ridge and to frequently call as you are walking. Stop and listen for a response as you call. If I know I am in good turkey country, I may walk two or three miles calling into all the small canyons that may intersect a ridge. Once a turkey responds to my call, I look for a place to set up, which is often with my back to a tree in the sitting position. My calling becomes less frequent, which makes the bird call and actually hunt me. Sometimes they come in very silent and other times they will call continually. So, always be ready and you may get that Thanksgiving turkey in the fall hunt. Improve your chances if you have a fall turkey tag and try calling as you are walking the ridgelines of the Arizona Rim Country. Expect a turkey to answer your call and enjoy hunting in God's creation.

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