Concerned About Chaparral Pines Elk Fence



I just received a copy of a letter sent to one of my neighbors and was shocked to learn Chaparral Pines has completed a study and is going to commence building an "Elk Guard" fence around the entire development in order to protect their area from damage and to offer their residents an "extra layer of security."

Our property abuts Chaparral Pines for 608.38 feet, and we have never been notified of a "feasibility study" that supposedly is now complete. All they want from us is a 10 foot easement in order to build the fence since there is not enough land on the property of the houses built in Chaparral Pines as they allowed their residents to build too close to the property line -- in some cases as little as 3 or 4 feet.

The elk have been able to roam freely in this area, a definite benefit for both the elk and for us as local residents, and most of us firmly believe they should continue to do so.

I have been told by both a member of the fire department and the HOA at Chaparral Pines that the main problem is the elk like to drink from the pond used to water their private golf course. If they want to protect their pond, perhaps they should consider fencing in just the pond and not impact neighbors and wildlife.

It is also totally reprehensible they conduct a study of such importance and not contact the people directly affected. The whim of a few people who spend very little time in this area should not be allowed to affect those of us who live and work here full time.

Patricia and Joseph Gruden, Payson

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