Despite Hardship, Mr. Stevens A Great Teacher



I am a senior in the Agriculture Class at the Payson High School and my high school experience has been rough, but if it weren't for Mr. Stevens I probably would have dropped out years ago.

I am very concerned about our Agriculture Department because we don't have our own room like all the other classes. Numerous students and I were shoved into the hospitality room in the Dome building for approximately six months. No class should be held there, especially Ag. The room is dark and lacking the necessary equipment that would allow us to study successfully.

Mr. Stevens' classes have a great number of students, and at times animals, which this room did not provide the necessary space that was needed. Yet Mr. Stevens is not one to complain. He made the best of the situation and stayed upbeat for all of us during this time.

Mr. Stevens has been teaching for almost 30 years and doesn't get treated like he should. He is an awesome teacher who has taught his students what there is to know, from large animals to small. He is a great Samaritan who does whatever is needed to make Payson a better town, especially if involves us, the kids. He has been chairperson for the Gila County Fair ever since it began and made each year very fun and also made students want to join and volunteer for the Town of Payson.

Mr. Stevens has been in charge of Payson High School Rodeo parliamentary procedure, FFA, chairperson for the county fair, director of vocational teachers, and advisory committee. When Mr. Stevens first began teaching at the Payson High School and worked on the fairs, he would have students from his first years come and offer their assistance. They wanted to do this because Mr. Stevens, beyond being a teacher, is also really fun to be around.

Now, if that doesn't show his great dedication to this school and many other programs, I don't know what does.

It makes us wonder if Mr. Stevens was a complainer, or just an all-around jerk, would he still be treated this way?

Chelsee Loucks, Payson

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